Saturday, March 8, 2008

You're not in New England anymore.

Just around the corner from my hotel is the Buckhorn Saloon. The signs claim they have the world's largest collection of antlers.The Texas Ranger museum is also part of the saloon. I decided I needed to have lunch there and a friend who is also at this conference agreed to come. We did not pay the extra $16 to go into the museum (much as I would have liked to see the reconstructed Bonny and Clyde car...), but the restaurant was something in and of itself.

The whole room is full of dead stuffed animals and the walls are lined with heads. It's a bit disturbing - all of them watching you while you eat your cheeseburger. The mountain goats freaked me out the most. All of them had the front half of the goat mounted on a plaque to look like they are standing on a cliff. So strange.

There is a real, authentic, looking cowboy singing traditional songs ('Yippie Ky Yi Yea' and so on...). And not long after we arrived the reenacters from the Alamo started streaming in the door. It hurt my head a bit to see cowboys sharing tables with Santa Ana's soldiers. All of them wandering around with food trays and working the soda machines and lined up for the mens room was really surreal. I did manage to introduce myself to a certain Mr. Crockett who was sitting just behind us.

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