Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Big questions

Last night, watching the Daily Show, I found myself mulling over a very important question. It had nothing to do with cabinet appointments or financial crises or even pirates. It's bigger and more complex than that.... Why is it that I find Dennis Leary so attractive? I mean, he's not... But there's something there. Traci has a theory we've discussed before (to do with New England Girls and Irish Catholic Boys from South Boston), but I'm not convinced that's all of it. I'm mystified. Please if someone could clear this up for me it would put my mind at ease.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A bit of politics, some cake and a little knitting

I cleaned the inside of my car this weekend. I'm a little embarrassed to admit how long it had been. Here's a clue... I found this under one of the seats:

Incidentally, I heard today that Howie is stepping down as DNC Chair. I hope that means there is a job for him in the Obama Administration.

In other political news, have I told you I live next door an outspoken, compassionate, bi-partisan preschooler? Her parents both had birthdays this weekend.

Me: "Should we make a cake for Momma and Daddy?"
Ragamuffin: "Yes! A Barocket Obama cake..."
Me: "Ok, we can probably do that."
Ragamuffin: "...aaannnd, John McCain Cupcakes"
Me: "?"
Me: "ummm, what do John McCain Cupcakes look like?"
Ragamuffin (in a "Duuuhh Katy" tone of voice): "They're purple."

So, I bought a cake mix (I considered for a minute making a cake from scratch but then remembered I was baking with a FOUR YEAR OLD). I went with the chocolate/vanilla marble cake which seemed fitting for the theme. We cooked half the mix in a round pan and the other half as cupcakes. Ragamuffin did well assisting, but she's "a little scared" to crack eggs.

Purple icing was easy, but I wasn't sure what to do about the Obama cake. Pastry bags being a bit unwieldy for a four year old and all. In the end, I bought red and blue sugar and cut a stencil from paper. I held the stencil and she sprinkled. A few sprinkles went on the floor....
While I cleaned up she climbed up and squatted barefoot on my counter and ate large handfuls of leftover frosting.... Her parents love me...

Then we had cake for lunch!

I have a kajillion knitted things to take photos of (and they're not all gnomes). Melissa took some photos (we did a whole photoshoot thing one afternoon) of my favorite recent project at Rhinebeck last month, but I haven't seen them yet. There are lots of other things, but I've been lazy about the photographing. Traci snapped this one of my election day project (knit in the car on the way to New Hampshire and later at the party) because I happened to be wearing it while cleaning out my car and she had the camera out:

It's the Celtic Hat which I have made 3 or 4 times in the past. Really it was just an excuse to use some of the yummy Cormo/Silk/Alpaca yarn I bought from Foxfire Fiber at Rhinebeck. If I could knit a bed out of this yarn I'd sleep happy for the rest of my days.

Looking at the photo, the hat seems a little short. I may need to actually block it and see if that helps.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's a New Day

You go will.i.am - way to make me cry. Again.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Did that really happen?

Voting early in the morning.
A parking lot full of people from my town on their way to New Hampshire.
Obama signs all over a small NH town.
NH residents thanking us for knocking on their doors.
A bar full of friends. Excited but nervous.
Texting my sister in her class that the first state Obama won was Vermont.
Obama taking Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Ohio!
Red states turning blue.
Obama wins! Screaming. Jumping. Hugging.
Image on the screen of tears streaming down Jesse Jackson's face.
Tears on my own cheeks.
Texts from friends around the country (and one from the UK).
A phone call from people I love partying in Chicago.
Obama's getting his daughters a puppy!
Florida! Virginia!
Tears. More hugs.
Main Street full of people screaming, dancing, cars honking at 1am.
Emails from friends around the world.
Call from mom this morning in which she predicted that Prozac use will go down.
Listening to weary friends celebrating on local radio this morning (Bill says 'food will taste better').

What will I do now?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Say quick that you believe! If you believe, clap your hands!

I'm twitchy and unfocused today. I keep having to remind myself that the election is tomorrow. My little brain somehow cannot fathom that it is almost over. I know that everyone is saying that this election is unlike any they can remember - and I know that it's true. When I think back over all the energy and passion and anger and frustration and hope that I (and the people around me) have expressed over the past year, I can't think of anything that compares.

I thought I might distract myself by trying to make a list of things to obsess about after tomorrow. Something's got to replace all this politicy stuff whirling around in my head right? But I can't think of anything.

I'm crazy nervous. I know the polls look good, but that makes me worried that people will be lazy and assume they don't need to go out and vote.

Please. Vote. The thought that you might not is making me nauseous.

PS. I'll miss you Helen. You've helped keep me sane the past few weeks. Please don't stop.