Sunday, July 26, 2009

DC on a rainy night

I'm in Washington DC for work this week. I took myself to a movie last night and when I came out it was raining. By the time I got back to my hotel I was already soaked, so I dashed up to my room, grabbed my camera and an umbrella and went for a walk. The whole city was shiny from the rain and there was almost no one on the streets.

These photos are probably not technically great, but I like to try to push my cheap little point and shoot camera to see what it can do.

Dept of Commerce

I love how the raindrops look like stars here.

Trying to take a photo while umbrella is being dragged away by the wind... I like it though.

This and the following 4 are at the WWII memorial.

Treasury Building

Alexander Hamilton in front of the Treasury Building.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Is it possible to cry from excitement?

I saw this trailer tonight, on a big screen. As soon as I realized what it was, I was sitting bolt upright with a huge dumbass grin on my face (luckily I was alone...). My eyes started to water from the excitement. Maurice Sendak, Dave Eggers and Spike Jonze. What more can you ask? I, for one, cannot wait.

Also, I have preordered this.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Terrible Yarn Eating Monster or Harmless Wildlife?

I have a zillion things to blog about including several new crafty projects, my brother's wedding and a trip to England. Sadly I am swamped and having to direct all of my blogging energy into other things this week.

But, I'm wondering if anyone out there can help me identify this crazy-ass moth that has been living on my front door for the past 24 hours? I know it's not actually a yarn eating moth, but it is a bit monster-like and I'm curious about it. It's almost 3 inches across when it's sitting still like this (click the photo for a closer look). It looks like a big piece of tree bark or a dead leaf stuck to my screen door. I'm curious also - if your camouflage was this good, would you waste any time sitting on a surface that you didn't match?