Friday, June 20, 2008

A Pretty Good Day

My work computer was in the shop yesterday and I was feeling twitchy without it, so I took the afternoon off. Traci and Audrey picked me up and work and we went to Luna Pizza for lunch. Then we did a little bit of shopping (I got a crazy bargain on a fabulous pair of sandals at Marshall's...). Then we went strawberry picking.

Those of you in the know will ask why I went berry picking for the second time in 5 days. Because the first batch was all gone. Between the margaritas and the shortcake and eating berries 3 meals a day, I had none left. Strawberry season is short and we decided to take full advantage of it. Traci and I picked (and one of us sat smack on a berry....) while Audrey ate her fill and entertained us with her crazy chatter.

After the berries we stopped at Webs so I could pick up this:
It's sparkly yarn (that's real stirling silver!) dyed by Gale the Kangaroo Dyer. I love love love the color and I can't wait to play with it. Lily likes it too.
We traded some strawberries for fresh eggs from Melissa's chickens. I love having access to super fresh eggs every week. And Melissa had this:
It's St Hallett Barossa Gamekeeper's Reserve. They serve this at the Side Street Cafe in generous portions. Traci and I first had it there during the holidays and every once in a while we stop in for a glass as a special treat. I've been keeping my eye out for it in stores with no luck. Finally Melissa asked her friend who owns Ryan and Casey's in Greenfield if she could get some. She could and we ordered a case to share.

This may be the most perfect red wine in the world. And it's affordable. Bottle number one went fast last night (and made us happy). We're going to need to order more pronto.

After Webs we stopped in at the Miss Florence Diner for Audrey's first milkshake and lessons on how to use the jukebox. This one has "Movin' Right Along" by the Muppets AND "Dancing Queen" in it.
(this one's for you dad) Two of the other patrons in Miss Flo's had arrived Vespa style.
All in all it was a pretty perfect Thursday afternoon. Friends, strawberries, shopping, yarn, wine and milkshakes. What more can a girl ask for?


  1. Ooooh...yarn that is handpainted and sparkly at the same time??? Tempting!!!

  2. Many Vespas lately in town. And in Greenfield even today, we saw 2.
    Ahh, Kristie, wine procurer to the sockstar....I am digging the reserve of the gamekeeper...
    Audrey should come to the Four Leaf Clover in Bernardston where Dan and Meg learned the wonder of the jukebox. Lily has exceptional taste. And the berries? I'd sigh online, but somehow it would not be the same.

  3. I'd say you had a "berry good" day!
    PS Miss Florence Diner looks awesome.

  4. that IS a good day. guess i'll mosey on over to traci's blog and see if she posted that adorable pic of her and audrey.