Friday, August 22, 2008

Seriously Pottery Barn?

I've searched the entire site and it seems they decided not to use one of the photos from the latest catalog on the website. It is that dumb. It is a large photograph of a barn from the "Pottery Barn Art to Collect" series (hear the dripping irony in my voice there?) hanging off the front of a book case. The book case is full of books that you cannot get to because of the large photograph in the way. It doesn't matter though, because the books are all turned spine in. You would never reach for one of those books because you can't tell which one is which. Why would anyone keep a large bookcase full of books they weren't going to ever need access to? Are they ashamed of what they read, but want people to see that they read lots of books still?

Then there is this makeshift coffee table:Please can someone tell me why you would want to do this? The chances that you could get 6 stacks of giant art books to all be the exact same height are slim. You would drive yourself nuts trying to make it work. And what happens when some kid (or me) accidentally bumps that bowl of candles and spills hot wax on the expensive art books? Or a glass of wine. Or someone puts a sticky juice box down on your favorite book of Mapplethorpe photos? Seriously Pottery Barn?

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of things I like in the latest catalog. I would die to own this quilt (and the bed it is on...). And the Halloween cocktail party stuff? Yes please. I'll take it all.

I'm also curious about the wall covering in this photo. It appears to either be letterpress letters mounted on the wall or some sort of reproduction of same. I love it. But what a lot of effort it would take to get one paperclip out of those heavy glass jars. Just because it looks good, doesn't mean it's functional Pottery Barn.

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