Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cleaning Day Gnome

I need to clean my whole house today. I resent having to spend a Saturday cleaning (I know it's no one's fault but mine that I didn't do it during the week, but still...). It's difficult to clean around all of my knitting projects and not just grab one, curl up on the couch and knit for a few hours. I also get distracted by organization projects or crafty ideas I have for things around the house. I've found the best way of coping with this is to start the day with a little crafty project, something quick and small, just to get it all out of my system. Something like a little knitted gnome outfit for a wine cork.

Meet the Cleaning Day Gnome. Korknisse Pattern by Saartje (of the adorable booties) done in mystery scrap yarn. The ragamuffin next door immediately requested an army of them for her new birthday doll house. I have visions of whole christmas trees covered with them. Evey Lucy was intrigued:

1 comment:

  1. so freaking cute!! A few would certainly look really cute in a Christmas tree. I have a Christmas ornament swap with the other GS leaders in my area. Thanks for the great idea ;)