Friday, September 28, 2007

How my brother spent his summer vacation

My brother is awesome. He works with some difficult teenagers in a tiny town in the Rockies during the school year and spends his summers having crazy adventures. He hikes places normal people will never see, he goes on 6 week rafting trips and he builds beautiful things.

This summer he was asked to help out on a documentary film some friends of his are working on. Hydro Quebec is in the process of damming the Rupert River in Northern Quebec. There will be over 70 dams total which will flood most of the native Cree hunting ground. Michael and 5 other guys went up to Northern Quebec for a month this summer to document the river (and its crazy whitewater) and the impact the damming will have on the Cree people.

A trailer is up on youtube now.

I'm pretty sure the first kayaker you see in the video is my brother (if it's not him I'm sure some of the other boat footage is). He's the one with the red beard talking crap later.

He's a big dork, but he makes his big sis proud.

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