Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mixing it up for fall

Have you seen the 2007 Holiday stamps designed by a knitter? I was in line at the post office this morning (with a stack of paperbackswap books) and saw them on the poster of 2007 stamp designs. From a distance they looked like icky trying to be cool bitmaped illustrations, but then I realized they were knitted. I may have made some sort of excited noise out loud. The guy in front of me turned around and looked nonplussed when I said, 'The holiday stamps? They're knitted!' Craftless heathen.

Last night I went to the hairdressers where they have new sinks with MASSAGING recliners. Absolute heaven. My favorite shampoo girl (you know you pay too much for your hairdresser when you have a favorite shampoo girl...) massaged conditioning treatment in my head while the chair back rolled around under me. I could have stayed there forever. Tiffany, my hairdresser, looks different every time I see her. Her hair yesterday was cut in a cool, longer in the front, stringy rocker chick style with fuchsia chunks through it. It looked amazing on her. I was jealous and inspired. I want the guts to have pink rock star hair. But pink would clash with my wardrobe... Tiffany is good though. She knew I was inspired and suggested we 'mix things up for fall'. She knows pink isn't for me so I acquiesced.

While I was waiting for my new bright copper streaks to set, I flipped through the biggest issue of Vogue ever (seriously it's over 800 pages). I stumbled across this picture which was LOLed so well by Grrleigh knits last month. I swear every time I look at that LOL I start snorting. So there I was in the hairdressers, under the heat lamps, with crazy alien satellite head trying not to snort. Tears were forming. There may have been snot. (Who's the crazy girl over there having a conniption over last month's Vogue?) There was also a crazy giant knit coat (styled as a dress in the photo) by the same designer, but I cannot find a photo of it. I went to the website listed in Vogue, but no luck. I did find some lovely inspiring designer knits though...

I love this coat:

And this sweater:The construction on this one is very cool (though the cable looks a little funky on the inside where it flips open a the top. I would have to make it more 'reversible'):Love this little $1650 number:

But seriously, Burburry, I think you can do better than this. It's called the Waffle knit cardigan, but anyone can see that it's not a waffle stitch. It's garter stitch. Should I choose to, I could crank this thing out so fast for a tiny fraction of the $650.


  1. i think I need to knock that first one off in colrain

  2. Huuum. For $465+ do you think you get a kilt pin? or an oversized safety pin? Make sure Melissa does her knock off sizes for 'real women' love that cable on the sleeves and the removable panel. But when it's gone-whats left??!!

  3. Ohhhh, it's a yarn wrapped safety pin which is why we don't see the glint. Very hard to see detail; ah yes, master of the reverse cable, that whole panel. cool- write it up!!