Friday, October 19, 2007

Sheepin' & Woolin'

This time tomorrow, I'll be laying down my (probably already weary) head in a hotel full of friends somewhere in upstate New York. It's Rhinebeck weekend and we've been planning since Spring. There is much celebrating to be done, promoting Melissa's book, a margarita dinner and memosa breakfast (tailgate style in the parking lot before the festival opens - look for us near the gate. We'll have balloons. Join us.), many many inspiring (and famous) knitters to meet and friends to catch up with. Our little group has plans to go to two parties on Saturday night (Ravelry!). The internets are buzzing about this festival and people are coming from all over the country, so it could be crazy. It will definitely be exhausting. And I will come home with too much luverly yarn. And, hopefully, there will not be a repeat of last year's indiscretion. But, if there is, well... what happens at Rhinebeck stays at Rhinebeck. (And, in my defense, it was Cashmere....)

In other news, I finished the surprise project - a Tomten for the ragamuffin next door. She turns 3 on Sunday, but I couldn't wait that long. I ran over there as soon as I got home and her folks got her out of bed to try it on. I love this little coat!


It's done in Valley Yarns' Northampton - two strands held together on US 8s. It's a little big, but that means she can wear it for a long time.

Speaking of Valley Yarns I found this on the Webs website today. I know the holiday catalog is due out soon, but I hadn't seen the photos yet. This is the 'Hers' of the Housatonic His and Hers Reversible Cable Scarves I designed. These are done in Valley Yarns' Lenox (the poor man's cashmere).


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    I am a little nervous...all that sheep...all that wool...and me with $200 for meals and yarn?