Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mind, Body & Soul for sale

The long awaited River Valley Market opened here in Northampton yesterday. I'm psyched - we needed our own coop badly! No more trudging over the river to Whole Foods or making do with Stop & Shop. I became a member of the coop when they first started doing outreach 6 or 7 years ago. They struggled for years to find a location and finally settled on an old quarry just outside of town. The building is green certified and is pretty impressive. Traci and I stopped in last night and gave it four thumbs up. They aren't fully operational yet (the beer and wine section isn't done...), but the place seems well stocked.

On the way out I picked up the May sales flyer and saw this:
Organic Mind Body & Soul for just $6.99 a pound! I have a few questions though...

1. What if I'm only running low on Mind and don't need Body and Soul? Can I buy them separately?

2. Can I get some Heart to go with my Soul?

3. What if I don't believe in the Soul? Is there an atheist version where I can get just Mind and Body?


  1. Yippee! The co-op is here! The only thing I missed about living in my old town was the fact that the co-op was right down the street, making my habit of doing tiny food shopping trips every day possible. Doing co-op style shopping at Stop and Shop is torture. Bad lighting + tons of crappy "food" + crowds = Stop and Shop.
    Can;t wait to check it out!

  2. I think I just need mind. Now, see why should I have to pay the whole $6.99 a lb just for mind?? So it's like all sales. I don't really need it, and it's not that much of a sale in the end since I get stuff I don't really want.

    Dude. Organic beans for $0.99 a lb?? You didn't mention that at lunch....

  3. i'm so angry. so very very angry. gaaah! how many trees died to make that flyer?!?!

  4. omg. I'm looking for the love(1) and funny(1) buttons