Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Valuable lessons from Pottery Barn

I've learned a lot from the Pottery Barn catalogs over the years. Important lessons like: pick one color of book that matches your decor and only read books in that color. Black books and white books are ok, but be sure to pile them artfully in different locations in the room. Also, if you have a huge, lovely window with a really great view, it's best to put a bed with an oversized headboard directly in front of said window.

In the latest catalog though I learned something new. My lawn needs a throw rug.
Seriously. It says in the product description that it can be used to 'define a grassy backyard seating area'. Who knew? I bet the gardener will love it.


  1. Do you still have to vacuum it?
    I have enough trouble vacuuming my inside rugs...

  2. I can just see the look on my husband's face when I tell him I want to buy a rug for the backyard.

  3. Oh, Gene will be so thrilled to mow around this. First, I think he should dig an ocean for me though.