Monday, July 21, 2008

85° and humid, with a chance of thunderstorms

The weather has gotten monotonous here in Western Mass. It's sapping the life out of me. My hair hates it. I'm living on a steady diet of iced coffee, ice cream and white wine (with an ice cube in it just like I make fun of mom for doing).

Last night Traci and I sprawled (melting) in front of the TV and watched Broken English. I adore Parker Posey. In this film she plays a single woman dealing with living in a coupled world (huh...). She was much grittier in the first part of the movie than I've ever seen her before. She's played drunk and depressed and downtrodden before, but always with that certain Parker Posey style (chutzpah? audacity? precociousness? something....). It was nice to see her do things a little differently. The second half of the movie is a fabulous modern love story. We quickly got tied up in it enough to yell out loud, more than once (in "don't let her get on the plane" Casablanca style), at Posey's character. She went through all the right transitions and spent time in lovely places. And it had a perfect, not overdone, ending (a bit overshadowed by the horrible jarring popsong during the closing credits, so just turn it off after the fade to black).

After, I immediately declared that I was moving to Paris, like, tomorrow. This evolved into a discussion of the differences between American men and European men. It went on for a bit and somehow ended with everything being the fault of American women. Not really sure how we got there....but the film is well worth seeing.

Also? David Sedaris' new book? Wicked funny. I recommend the audio version.

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  1. I love Parker Posey.

    I hate summer.

    I wonder if Gene can interlibrary loan me that book, audio style.