Friday, July 18, 2008

No place like...

Portland was terrific over all. I had some really good food and plenty of nice drinks. I spent time with good friends. I got to see Powell's (it's a little overwhelming to be honest). The weather was perfect. My hotel was just right (except for the noisy neighbors who left after the first day). The work part, I think, went well (I have lots of notes anyway... we'll see if they're worthwhile once I've decided I can face them).

But, I'm happy to be home.

The beasties were upset and clingy when I arrived home. They felt the need to check on me every 20 minutes all night just to make sure I was still there.

My family neighbors also came to check on me last night. They were happy I was home. We went out for Root Beer Floats and they listened to my travel tales. They 'oohed' at the good stuff and 'awwwed' at the bad. They told me things I needed to hear. These are good peoples. I thought about them later as I was fading into sleep (there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed...). I thought about my neighbors and my friends and my work and my lifestyle and all of the other reasons I have dug in my roots here. This is home and there's nothing like it.

My hair misses Portland though....


  1. Dude, your hair was fierce when you got home.

    P.S. Aww. We missed you.

  2. whew...tom was afraid we were going to have to mount some kind of campaign to keep you here.