Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Red hearts and pies

There is no reason on earth I should love Valentine's day as much as I do. (Really. It's like this.) I've decided that it has a little bit to do with the fact that I never got over the excitement of elementary school and stuffing construction paper valentines in the handmade (from milk cartons) mailboxes on each of my classmates desks. It also has a lot to do with the fact that I love an excuse to craft and I love gift giving. Apart from Christmas, there aren't any other holidays where you give gifts to lots of people. I can make crafty stuff for Halloween, but I don't (always...) give out gifts. Add to all this the tiny girl in me who secretly still loves hearts and pink (and ribbons and doilies and pretty packages) and come the first couple of weeks of February, I tend to go a little bit nuts.

This year I made lavender sachets using two of my new most favorite crafting supplies: my giant cone of bakers twine (which I ADORE and will last me for the rest of my life) and Stiffy (which I cannot discuss with out hearing a chorus of 'That's What She Saids' in my head). The latter is pretty amazing stuff - paint it on fabric, let it dry and you can cut and applique to your heart's content. No hems or fraying and it makes things, um, nice and stiff.

And, because those weren't enough... I decided to make whoopie pies for the first time in my life. And not just plain old chocolate whoopie pies (not that there's anything wrong with them...), but red velvet ones.

(sorry about the crappy phone picture, but I'd eaten way too much sugar at this point and couldn't be bothered to find my real camera...)

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