Friday, July 1, 2011

Staying Home

I tend to travel a lot in the summer. Work trips mixed in with attempts at vacations and mini-getaways. It means that I miss out on summer at home. This year I'm determined not to do that. I have this idea that I can go the whole of July without leaving Northampton. There are so many good things here and there is nothing I need that I can't find locally. I'm going to enjoy just being here. I'm not going to set any hard and fast rules, because I might decide want to see a movie that's only playing in Amherst, or go berry picking, or go to that cute little 4th of July Parade in a nearby town with friends.

Day 1

Fish Fry Friday! A summer tradition started by my friends Bill and GL last year. An easy relaxing end to the week - a bunch of good friends sitting around unwinding and stuffing ourselves. This week included Traci's very strawberryey Pimm's Cups

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