Friday, October 10, 2008

Excuse me Mr. Senator?

John Kerry was in town last night for what was supposed to be a public forum, but ended up being a typical stump speech instead. At the end, as Kerry was handing off the microphone to someone else, a local character (they call him The Motown Man - he wears a sparkly cape every day) piped up with the question I think most of us were there to ask. He asked why the senator voted for the financial bailout bill. Kerry took back the microphone and started by calling the bill despicable (I suppose he meant the situation was despicable), but then went on to defend it and explain why he supported it. I had hoped to hear a bit of dissent from him, but there was none.

I wonder if the passing of this bill and the support or non-support of it is the new Iraq War vote. In 4 years time, when we are in the throes of our next election, will our candidates have to justify their votes on this bill in the same way that we ask why they voted for the war and then came out against it?

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