Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Did that really happen?

Voting early in the morning.
A parking lot full of people from my town on their way to New Hampshire.
Obama signs all over a small NH town.
NH residents thanking us for knocking on their doors.
A bar full of friends. Excited but nervous.
Texting my sister in her class that the first state Obama won was Vermont.
Obama taking Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Ohio!
Red states turning blue.
Obama wins! Screaming. Jumping. Hugging.
Image on the screen of tears streaming down Jesse Jackson's face.
Tears on my own cheeks.
Texts from friends around the country (and one from the UK).
A phone call from people I love partying in Chicago.
Obama's getting his daughters a puppy!
Florida! Virginia!
Tears. More hugs.
Main Street full of people screaming, dancing, cars honking at 1am.
Emails from friends around the world.
Call from mom this morning in which she predicted that Prozac use will go down.
Listening to weary friends celebrating on local radio this morning (Bill says 'food will taste better').

What will I do now?


  1. That pretty much sums it up! I am so proud of Vermont--even if they did beat the pants off Maine in the "my state's bluer than your state" contest!

  2. an excellent summary!
    what a crazy night.