Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Big questions

Last night, watching the Daily Show, I found myself mulling over a very important question. It had nothing to do with cabinet appointments or financial crises or even pirates. It's bigger and more complex than that.... Why is it that I find Dennis Leary so attractive? I mean, he's not... But there's something there. Traci has a theory we've discussed before (to do with New England Girls and Irish Catholic Boys from South Boston), but I'm not convinced that's all of it. I'm mystified. Please if someone could clear this up for me it would put my mind at ease.


  1. Stop drinking. You're obviously confused.

    That man is creepy, and slightly, vaguely reminiscent of my ex-husband.

    It's like Rue with the mermaid yarn. Step away from the unattractive guy...just step away.

  2. It's worse than South Boston: he's from Worcester.

  3. I confess to having a little inexplicable thing for him as well. Although the whole "autism doesn't exist" thing has put a damper on it. Traci's explanation doesn't fit for me. And I usually only like Jewish boys. We should spend more time dissecting it.