Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday morning craftiness

It's going to be a full on craft fest in my house today. The ladies of my tribe are coming over for Crafty Afternoon and Jaz has offered to help assemble the reusable produce bags. I've got all the supplies for the bags: 250 yards of tulle (!!!!), two shoeboxes full of ribbon for embellishing and two sewing machines. I have all the other supplies we need too, including: chocolate, guacamole, tea and the My So Called Life DVD Box set.

I was sitting here, sipping my coffee, considering getting dressed and vacuuming the living room, when I got to thinking about this little paint can. It arrived at my work a couple of weeks ago in the mail. It was a gimmicky mailing that contained some chocolates and an invitation to a workshop (there was some punny sort of reason it was in a paint can, but I can't remember what it was...). I brought the can home thinking it would be a good container for something. It's been sitting on my kitchen table ever since.

The leftovers from my Inauguration Day scarf have been sitting in a pile on my coffee table for the last 4 days. It seemed like the perfect marriage of materials and a good way to start Crafty Sunday. I tied all the yarn scraps together and started winding them around the can. I ran out before it was completely covered, but decided I like it that way.

So simple and completed in the time it took to drink one cup of coffee.

It reminds me of a pencil holder I made in school and gave to my grandfather when I was little. It was a frozen juice concentrate can with twine wrapped around it and seashells glued all over. It sat, full of pens and pencils, next to my grandparents' phone for years.

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