Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What works on a Wii and what doesn't

I teach beginning knitting classes. I will swear up and down that anyone can learn to knit (except my mother). But this is going too far. Wii knitting? I will have to see it before I completely discount it, but I can't imagine how it will work. Will you knit a virtual sweater? Where is the sense of achievement in that? New knitters need to feel proud that they've actually produced something. I know I'm a bit beyond the video game generation, but I've never seen the sense in spending hours solving or cracking (or whatever the kids call it) a game. Is this the same idea? You learn to knit on the Wii and complete a project that you'll never get to squeeze or wear? Maybe the skills will translate to actual needles and yarn, but will you ever do it after being bored to death making a virtual hat?

Wii Pole Dancing is a completely different story. If someone (Traci? Eleanor?) could sort that out, I think it would create totally useful skills in the real world and keep you fit at the same time.


  1. I agree. Let's get on the Wii Pole Dancing thing, shall we? But Wii knitting? Uh. No.

  2. while i do agree the concept is brilliant, having the words 'wii' and 'pole' that close together is just all sorts of wrong.