Monday, March 23, 2009

Danke Schoen

According to Wikipedia Danke Schoen translates loosely as "Thank you very much". I find it strange that I've never questioned the meaning before this. I've heard the Wayne Newton song a zillion times and watched Ferris Bueller at least once a month for about a decade spanning the late 80s and early 90s.

After last Friday night I can add one more viewing of it to the tally. This time around even topped seeing it in the theater in 1986. The tribe rented the local civic center for a showing in honor of the lovely Gina-Louise who had a birthday last week (and once confessed that FB was her favorite film). We had cupcakes (lots of cupcakes), popcorn and some of us even did the Twist.

Traci and I have a tendency to get a bit excessive when planning parties. I think we had close to 100 cupcakes - 4 varieties - all with quotes or pictures from the movie topping them.

I think these were my favorites. Lemon Angel Food Cupcakes from an old issue of Cooking Light. Kind of a pain to make, but yummy.

There was much excitement over popcorn. Those of us who lived through (and discarded) many changes in popcorn technology (jiffy pop, those dome shaped ones that plugged in and were too big to store anywhere, the air popper, and microwave popcorn) forget how exciting it is. When you live with a popcorn purist like Audrey's dad, you never see the popcorn popping because it is cooking in oil in a covered pot on the stove.

Tom and Tina don't mess around when it comes to party food either. They can provide popcorn for a small army if needed.

This photo did not come out as well as I'd hoped. If you squint you can see Mr. Broderick on the screen singing Danke Schoen in the parade scene from FB.

The rest of the weekend was lovely - the weather cooperated well with the ushering in of spring. One of my new favorite things on the interwebs is The Big Picture from the Boston Globe where every couple of days a series of amazing photographs on one topic are collected together.

Check out today's posting "Signs of Spring" to find out what is going on in this photo.

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