Monday, March 9, 2009

Geek Week

This Friday Pete and Traci are hosting Extreme Ultra-Geeky Game night. So geeky it requires me to make a trip to a comic book store to buy special dice before I can participate.

To kick off this Week of Geek I thought I'd share the new Star Trek trailer. I had my doubts about this movie when I first heard about it, but I have faith in JJ Abrams (except for my issues with one of his television shows) and from the looks of this it is going to be awesome. I grew up watching reruns of the original show (and, later, the Next Generation) after dinner most evenings. There's a special place in my heart for William Shatner's brand of campiness.

And have you noticed Star Trek is everywhere in the news this week?

The first story I noticed was this one about the new Star Trek inspired perfumes. Three scents: Tiberius inspired by Captain Kirk; Red Shirt which celebrates the nameless ensigns from on the Starship Enterprise; and Ponn Far, for the ladies, named for the Vulcan mating ritual. To quote Jaz, "I do not want to smell an aggressively horny Vulcan, thank you."

Then I saw this story about Canadian scientists who have developed a crop that was first discussed on a 1966 episode of Star Trek. I guess that's not surprising. If I had to make crazy stereotypical generalizations, I would assume that grown up scientists paid very close attention to Star Trek as children.

The crafting world is also joining in the geeky fun. I'm crafty and I've made some pretty dorky things, but I'm not sure I'd go so far as to knit my own Vulcan ears or do Star Trek cross-stitch. I might just be tempted to knit a full Star Trek uniform for a baby, but I don't know any soon-to-be parents who are geeky enough to appreciate it (and I know some pretty geeky soon-to-be parents...). In case you're interested in trying your hand at more detailed Trekky knits, there are knitting charts for all of the original characters available.

A quick search on Etsy reveals all sorts of items recently posted. After looking at all of this stuff, I have an irrational need to own these earrings from Studiohalo.


  1. Oo what games are you playing?

  2. Shatner rocks. And those earrings are in no way irrational.