Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday eye candy

This luverly yarn was created by my friend Rue. I have always been impressed by her color sense. She'll put colors together that I would never even keep in the same room and they look fabulous. She'll grab a ball of some horrible, hurt-your-eyes-and-make-you-nauseous-it's-so-ugly color and toss it in a pile with three other balls of yarn and suddenly it's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen.

I can't tell you much about this yarn just yet, but it is Merino Superwash DK. And I promise you've never seen handpainted yarn like this. More will be revealed soon. I'm using this scrumptious stuff to make a sample that will appear on Rue's soon to be birthed website.

This woman should be an inspiration to us all. Most of us just dream about quitting our jobs and pursuing more creative endeavors. And, I suspect, most of us are dreaming about it less and less the way things are lately. But Rue has a plan - a brilliant plan - and she's doing something unique. Every time I look at this yarn I am proud.


  1. you better keep us informed!! I saw your yarn on ravelery and fell in love. Can't wait to see Ruth's site.

  2. "Most of us just dream about quitting our jobs and pursuing more creative endeavors."

    And then there are those of us who actually do it, but then realize (what people have gently tried to hint to us for years) that we completely lack any sort of business sense, organizational skills, or self-motivation. Sigh. I do SO envy and admire anyone who has A Plan.

  3. Yeh RUE!!

    P.S. I love February! April is getting old- warm up already!