Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hey Kool-Aid!

Apologies in advance (to those of you with slow connections) for the photo heavy post.

My neighbors and I decided to try out kool-aid dying this past weekend. And we documented the whole process......

We used Berkshire and Northampton from Webs.

Only the best dye pots would do for us....
(that's Traci's Sahara in progress in the background)

We bought every flavor of Kool-Aid in Stop & Shop. We maybe didn't think about these two flavors. But maybe we should try them.
We could knit an Invisibility Cloak!

I had help mixing the colors.... (yup that's a One Skein Wonder I'm wearing)

Tags for our test swatches made from the scraps of Pete's bag fusing project.

Test skein ready for the microwave

Our test pallet.

Lily approves.... maybe.


If I had a dollar for every time one of us said 'This is soooo cool!' on Saturday afternoon....

Don't do this.

Or this will happen.
It took some serious scrubbing to get rid of the stains.
The corners of my fingernails are still tinted red.


Ooooooooh pretty!

Finished skeins ready to use!

I will definitely be doing more Kool-Aid dying. It was a blast and it was easy and not terribly messy. It's nice that you can use your mixing bowls and glasses since there's no toxic chemicals involved (except whatever they put in Kool-Aid. Seriously? If it did that to my hand imagine what it does to your stomach???). We've got some ideas of how to mix some more muted 'adult' colors next time.

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