Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tiny knits

Mom loved the Very Hungry Scarf! But I stupidly forgot to take a photo of her with it....

I did remember to photograph the baby presents I made for an old friend who is about to pop. Pictured here are a Baby Surprise Jacket and Baby Surprise Hat. The yarn is some superwash - I cannot remember the exact details - purchased a few months ago in the Webs warehouse. The jacket should fit the baby girl (they think) this fall. The hat was done in an effort to use up all of the yarn. I'm tired of half skein balls kicking around the house (the cats are not tired of this, but that is another story...).

I found the perfect buttons also at Webs. How cute are they???

I'd finished the BSJ and hat a while ago and last week had the urge to knit a tiny baby hat that could be worn right away. So knitted up the hat from the Pea Pod set last weekend while watching the Prairie Home Companion movie (I did not love it). That is the yellow one done in Knit Picks Shine. But I couldn't stop there and had to make the purple one also. It's Debbie Bliss Cathay and the design is my own. More on that to come...

While visiting my parents in Vermont I managed to get away to meet the very pregnant Amy for lunch on Monday in the town we went to high school in. It was never a great town or cute Vermont tourist destination, but it was a decent place to be a teenager in. For the past few years I felt like Randolph was on the verge of a comeback or maybe a new identity, but this trip left me sad. Everything just looks a little grungy and run down. Businesses that had opened in the past few years (including the nice food co-op) are closing and there is an air of depression on the streets. Very sad. We had lunch at the Three Bean Cafe which is a nice cozy coffee shop type place that opened a couple of years ago. I worry about their future and I hope they can make it.

Amy loved the little knitted things. She's a knitter herself which makes her appreciate the hand knits as they should be appreciated. It's so much nicer giving hand made gifts to people who make things themselves. Non-knitters/crafts persons are always impressed and grateful, but they don't really get it the way crafty people do. It's rare to give a gift and have the receiver admire the evenness of your stitches.

Oh, I almost forgot! When I arrived at my folks place on Sunday another old friend was sitting at the kitchen counter. Mom took this photo of us. Jill's new haircut (and color) is so cute!


  1. I really love what the BSJ did with that yarn. Well, I love a nice BSJ anyway. I should make one for nextgrandchild.

    who would not love the very hungry scarf???

  2. LOVE the purple cap with the i-cord(?)tassle! Can't wait to see the 'more' to come.

    Huum did see a bit of Baio the next chapter- would have preferred to keep my memories! Hanging out at the track w/wonder years older brother? And how come Joni looks 10 years older than he does and what if she didn't WANT the world to know her first sexual experience was on a corduroy couch... Enough! Damn you reality TV is right!

    Love the purple!