Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Can I go back?

I am back in civilization and after one day of work (it was not a good one) all I want to do is get back in my car and drive north and spend the rest of the summer by the lake.
I cant remember the last time I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated. I finished the Harry Potter book on Sunday night. (I was satisfied but did not love the ending.) I was coerced into reading another good book on Monday and Tuesday in preparation for a day-long Maine-backwoods adventure that took place on Wednesday (much more on that to follow once I’ve weeded through all the photos….). The rest of the week I spent more time playing and conversing, but nearly finished a strange off-kilter Western Mass mystery I picked up at BookExpo (again, more on that one later).
I had planned to drive home early on Sunday. I hoped to get home and unpack and relax a bit before the workweek started. And it was supposed to rain on Sunday. It did not rain. It was gorgeous. There was a sailboat race on the lake and there was the crazy rope swing my young cousin Will built (that’s my dad on it in the photo) and there was log rolling (This is Maine. There is a professional logger in the family.). So I stayed and played in the water all afternoon.
Someday (soon I hope) I need to live by water. Nothing relaxes me more than just sitting and looking at it. I’ve found this is true whether it’s the ocean, a lake or a river. Amsterdam may be my favorite city on earth because most of the streets have canals running down the middle (but I haven’t been to Venice yet….). If I cannot live by a body of water, I need to find every chance possible to get near it. I need to make a point of planning trips (for a day, a weekend or longer) places where I can find it.

It was a sad drive home, but I arrived home to a driveway and sidewalk covered with fabulous chalk art. There is nothing like seeing your driveway proclaiming your awesomeness when you arrive. I love my neighbors.

And? There was a mysterious package on my step. From Lexie Barnes. I was confused. Had someone made a mistake and thought my birthday was a month earlier than it is? I forgot about that day in Stop and Shop a few weeks ago when I saw the table with the fishbowl and the sign that said ‘Enter to win a Lexie Barnes beach tote’. And I did. Enter and win that is.

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  1. I could use a nice Maine lake day myself.

    who's bag? Katy's? or Lily's??

    I want neighbors like yours. Mine just shoot at each other and have bonfires that require the county to turn out en masse.