Thursday, July 19, 2007

Where's the knitting?

I saw the new Harry Potter movie last night and overall I loved it. There were some big things missing (but I expected that given the length and details in the book). The most crucial detail missing, to my mind, was the reason Harry must live part of the year with his horrible Aunt and Uncle (because his mother's blood, which his Aunt shares, keeps him safe). They also left out the fact that Ron and Hermione became prefects and that the Weasley's had basically disowned Percy. There were lots of other minor things left out.

The thing I missed the most though - that I was looking forward to - was the knitting. In the book Hermione seems to be knitting in almost every scene. She's constantly making hats and socks for the House Elves in an effort to free them from their servitude. I expected some hardcore magic knitting. There was none. There was nothing about Hermione's crusade to free the elves at all.

There were, however, some fabulous knitted items...

Mrs. Weasley gives all the kids knitted stuff for Christmas. The twins get crazy striped scarves and Harry gets what looks like a very colorful hat and mittens set. This was good because Harry always seems like he dosn't have the proper clothes for the weather. All the rest of his friends are all bundled up in snow gear when they go into Hogsmeade with nice scarves and hats (some look machine made, but there's quite a few handknits in the crowd) and Harry is basically in a hoodie. Is this supposed to hint to us again that he doesn't have a mother to look out for him? Luna Lovegood wears some cute crocheted things throughout and in one scene has on what looks like a handknit blue jacket. Ginny Weasley is wearing a fabulous cabled vest in the very last scene that you only see for a few seconds (but it's long enough to covet it...).

All in all though it was well done. The effects - especially in the climactic fight scene - were awesome. Emma Roberts (aka. Hermione) has grown into a little hottie. Her hair is enviously perfect in every scene. The boys are looking better, but still a bit gawky. The woman who played Umbridge was perfect for the role and Helena Bonham Carter was great in the little evil role she had.

I'm busy cramming for the next book. I found a good site that summarizes the chapters of each book and read the summaries for the Half-Blood Prince in preparation for Saturday's release of book 7. I'm going on vacation next week and I plan to do nothing but read for the first couple of days....

My 'garden' is loving all of the rain we've had this week. I picked 5 loverly little orange tomatoes this morning.
Look'it them all!

These are called Green Zebras. I'm not really sure how to tell when they are ripe?

The hot peppers (3 kinds in this pot) are doing well. I worried about them falling over, so had to brace them up a bit (with a bit of leftover Silky Tweed...).
There's a tiny baby chili!

Pete decided this chili plant was lonely and added an onion.

It's hard to see here, but something is eating the leaves off the Habanero plant on the right. I have not seen the little beast yet, but when I do......

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