Friday, August 17, 2007

I am grateful to all bloggers out there who write reviews of knitting magazines. Not only do I not have to buy the magazine, I don't even have to sit in the yarn shop making fun of the designs myself (but I probably will anyway). One of my favorites is GrrLeigh Knits. I'm kind of a lurker on her blog, but I love the extreme snark mixed with genuine praise when it is deserved. She reviews everything, so the rest of us don't have to.

This week she reviewed the new issue of KnitScene. I'll pretty much buy any magazine with handmade yarn stuffs in it (or hand made anything really). But I've been a bit of a tightwad about this one. I think I have an issue or two stashed away here somewhere, but I can't buy it on a regular basis. It's just to 'sceney' for me. GrrLeigh starts her review with a great definition of 'Scene' from Urbandictionary. It's a pretty apt definition. She seems to be a hesitant fan of the magazine and I agree with most everything she says.

I love Glampyre's bright blue vest (obviously in something non-fuzzy) and the Firefly Mobius (but I wonder what it would look like on someone with breasts?). The Road to Golden might convince me to try fair isle again. Traci - show Pete the Hero Pullover. It could be the one.

Whenever I get in that mindset where I think everything cool has already been done, I have to remember that I'm grateful to the cool people out there who do these things to save the rest of us having to....


  1. I like the sweater, but is that a...(gulp)..zipper??
    I think I just fainted.

    I think Grrl should write the copy for all knitting magazines from now on.

  2. Personally I'm all over the target vest as it would be sooo flattering to breasts and belly! Thanks for the link! Nooo wonder I'm clueless I've been reading the wrong dictionary!