Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Team Haley

My friend's baby, who I mentioned a few posts ago, survived her surgery, but has a tough road ahead. She has been diagnosed as terminal, but has surpassed all of the doctors expectations so far. They are considering chemo as the next step. Haley's parents and friends will be participating in the Jimmy Fund Walk on September 16th. Since Haley is now a patient of the Jimmy Fund they are asking for donations of any size to support the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Please help Team Haley.

I've been a big slacker about posting the last couple of weeks. But, coming soon... photos of my Super Awesome 80s Birthday Party and some knitting (though I'm not as prolific as normal in the late summer heat) and maybe even some home cooking.

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  1. Thank you are by far SuperExtremeKatyWumpus!