Wednesday, August 15, 2007

In which I let my lameness out to play

I'm a big dork. I'll just say that up front. In case you didn't know yet.

I love LOL Cats. They make me laugh. I'm a simple girl - it doesn't take much. I know they're tacky and a bit passé already, but I had these pictures and I had to do it.

Also? I am big Harry Potter geek.

Just found this. Funny fake sign making fun of the LOL cats...

Knitting content to come soon. I promise. Haven't done much lately because it's been hot and I've been busy. But there are a few things - a FO from vacation last month and a store project and a redo that needs to be done on my Sahara sleeves.


  1. The stupefy one is the best LOL cat that has ever been.

    But then, I am a geek, too.

  2. ok
    i do not like cats. that lolcats thing is freaking funny. i am falling off my chair. why did not someone tell me of this before?